Course Syllabus

This is the area of every course where you will find your course syllabus. The syllabus is the contract between the instructor and the students. You should read the syllabus carefully and ask your instructor any questions you may have!


The course syllabus link will include the course syllabus and a list of all assignments and due dates for the course.

1. Course Syllabus - Instructors customize whether there is a link to the course syllabus file or whether the course syllabus is added directly to this page.

2. Syllabus Calendar - Highlighted dates are when Assignments are due. Click on the date for more information.

3. Assignment List - All assignments and their due dates are listed on the Syllabus table.

4. Assignment Group Weights - Instructors customize whether the course grade is calculated based on points or weight. If your course is based by weight the weighting of the Assignment Groups will show up here. 

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Course Summary:

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